Let us relieve you from all your IT stress...

MNS endeavours to be your own virtual IT department, seeing to all the hassles that is associated with the upkeep of a smooth running network.

Specialists in providing reliable out-sourced IT solutions for all types of SME Businesses - from one-off

IT support

to long term IT maintenance.

We are geared and determined to make your IT experience as reliable and consistent as possible. We have identified a lack of professionalism and order in the small-to-medium sized IT industry. This has caused us to find a niche in the market to strive to bring process-oriented structure into the small environment, while at the same time still keeping the personal touch of IT support known to this environment.

Building relationships with our clients is very high on our values and is part of our core business model, allowing you to get the IT support and maintenance you need.

We aim to provide the full range of IT services which include:

  • Network Design and Implementation;
  • Network Risk Analysis and Internet Security;
  • Server Support and Maintenance;
  • Desktop and Application Support; 
  • Web Development and Hosting;
  • Custom Software Development, etc...
Let's face what lies ahead the confidence.